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Must install:

  • Node.js version 10+ or later
  • MongoDB latest


  • MongoDB Compass Community (Optional)
  • Visual Studio Code

Module dependency

    graph TD
    A(cms core)-->B(cms modules)
    B-->C(cms portal)
    C-->Z(cms demo)
    X(cms api)-->Z

How to setup for development

For running in local, you need set up the symlinks between modules as below:

  1. Go to cms-api folders and run command
     npm install
     npm link
     npm run build
  2. Go to cms-server folder and run commands
    npm install
    npm link @typijs/api

Run in Dev Mode

  1. Backup the DB: After the MongDb instance running, you can use the example data under the resources/db/dump/vegefoods_v2 using the MongoDb command mongorestore to backup these collections

For example, under the resources/db folder, run command line

mongorestore -d vegefoods_v2 dump/vegefoods_v2

to restore from a dump directory to a local mongod instance running on port 27017:

  1. First step, under cms-server folder, run the command
     npm run dev

This command will run script to connect to mongo db, so make sure you have the correct path to your db. For example, you have the db path like as C:/MongoDB/data/db

    mongod --dbpath C:/MongoDB/data/db

If you install the MongoDB and run it as the service in Window, you can skip this step

  1. Final step, under cms folder, run the command sequentially
     npm install
     ng build core
     ng build modules
     ng build portal
     npm run dev

    Make sure you installed Angular CLI with --global

Now you can goto http://localhost:4200 to see the site.

The admin site will be access via url: http://localhost:4200/typijs

Account: admin/1234qwer!

Run Angular Universal (SSR) in Dev mode

    npm install
    ng build core
    ng build modules
    ng build portal
    ng build
    ng run cms-demo:server

Copy three folders dist\core, dist\modules and dist\portal into cms\node_modules\@typijs folder then run this script to start Server Site Render

    npm run start:ssr

If there is any change these libs core or modules or portal need to run build for each lib again then run

ng run cms-demo:server

and start server site again

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